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I'm glad you're here! My name is Anne-Lise, I'm a perfectionist, detailed, and passionate makeup artist

For the past twenty years, I've dedicated most of my energy to the beauty industry. I've been perfecting my craft, consistently learning and staying up to date with textures, tones and techniques. I have dissected every element of what creates a flawless, mesmerizing makeup application to ensure a stunning outcome in real life and captured trough the lens of a photographer. 

Needless to say, I'm ready to hear the joyful reason why you're here. No matter the occasion, I'm thrilled to meet you on the journey you're on.  

Makeup will come off at the end of the night, but the memories of that special time will last forever. 


Bridal, Wedding, Makeup



Bridal, Wedding, Makeup
  • Bridal Preview 

  • Bridal Makeup 

  • Bridesmaid Makeup

  • Guest Makeup

  • Flower girl Makeup

Photoshoot, special events, Professional Makeup
  • Engagement photoshoot

  • Gala/Parties

  • Headshot 

  • Maternity Shoot 

  • Boudoir / Fashion

  • Family photoshoot 

Makeup Lessons, 1:1, classes
  • 1:1 Makeup lesson 

  • Group Makeup lesson 

  • Personal Makeup Shopping

  • Personal Skincare Shopping

Blush and Brush
"Anne Lise and I have worked together twice over the last few months and it is apparent that she has an extraordinary talent for makeup artistry. Not only will she ensure a flawless look on camera, but also in person. Her attention to detail is unmatched (seriously, the winged liner she gave me was sharper than most knives in my kitchen) and throughout the makeup application, Anne Lise explains her products and processes as you go along so that you are just as involved in the creative process as she is. After my initial meeting with Anne Lise, I recommended her to one of my friends and the results are unanimous: Anne-Lise is 10/10!"



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  • How do I secure your services for my wedding day?
    As soon as you picked up your wedding date, contact me using the form on this website or by emailing me at : A signed contract and a non refundable 20% deposit will lock your date.
  • What is your rate for Bridal makeup?
    Please contact me using the contact form or email me directly at to schedule a free consultation. We will discuss all the costs and details then.
  • What should I include in my first email to request your services?
    When you initially email me, please have the following informations ready: -Wedding date -Ready by time -Number of people requiring my services -Getting ready location If you don't have all the answers, don't worry, I will work with what you provided me while providing you my requirements along with any informations you will need.
  • How long does a bridal preview takes?
    It takes about 1 hour.
  • Can you accommodate a large bridal party?
    Yes, my bridal parties average between a minimum of 6 to 10 makeup applications. I work efficiently without compromising the quality of my work. If your group is larger, don't worry, I will bring another talented artist to accompany me.
  • How do I prepare for my bridal preview to ensure a successful outcome?
    -Have an idea of what you want to look like, to illustrate your vision, feel free to bring photos of makeup looks you like. We will dissect the looks together to understand exactly what you have in mind. If you have little to no idea, I will help you build your ideal makeup look from scratch. I will of course provide you with my expertise, keep in mind that your features are unique and that the makeup you decide on will be customized to you. -Get your hair done in a similar way you'll have it on your wedding day. -Wear an item of clothing that resemble your wedding dress, for example, if you decided to wear a lace gown on your wedding day, wear a lace top the day of your appointment. It will help you project yourself as the bride you're about to be. -Bring the jewelry you'll wear on your wedding day (or similar pieces). Again, this will help you see the whole look come together. Inform me if you're wearing a head piece or a veil. (You also may bring it to your appointment). -Make sure to take excellent care of your skin. Exfoliate, moisturize to ensure a smooth texture to the skin. The makeup will only look as good as the skin underneath. If you wish to receive recommendations for the best estheticians, I'm happy to provide that to you. I also provide products recommendation and skincare shopping. -Your complexion will be matched to the color of your body. If you decide to spray tan for your wedding day, it would be a good idea to come to your appointment with your tan on. I'm happy to recommend the best place to get it done.
  • How long will it take to get ready the day of my wedding?
    A bridal makeup application is about 1 hour and it takes 45 minutes for a bridal party makeup.
  • Can you stay with me throughout the day for touch ups?
    Yes! I can stay with you to touch you up. An hourly rate will apply.
  • Who writes the schedule to ensure a smooth get ready time?
    I will work on your schedule and run it by you to take that off your plate. If you have a preference on who is going on each time slot, let me know, I'm happy to plan accordingly.
  • How long does a bridal makeup takes?
    It takes about one hour.
  • Are you LGTBQ friendly?
    YES! I'm happy to service anyone. If you're two brides, I highly suggest that you hire the same makeup artist to ensure an harmonious outcome.
  • Do you up charge for false lashes?
    No, a strip lash application is included in both bridal and attendees"s makeup. I absolutely love customizing lashes so you will have many options to chose from.
  • What can I expect the day of my wedding?
    I will arrive at you "get ready location" 20 minutes before my first appointment to set up my station and my lighting. I will follow the schedule we set up to ensure a stress free time. When the bride and her bridal party is done, I will stay about 30 minutes to touch up.
  • As the bride, what should I bring with me in my makeup bag the day of my wedding?
    It's ideal to have handy your lip combo: a lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss. I also recommend to bring a setting powder and a small brush to reapply powder on areas of the face that might get a bit shiny throughout the day and the night.
  • Can I bring my dog to the makeup studio?
    At Peer Beauty, we love animals but for sanitary reason, animals are not allowed unless it's a service animal.
  • How do I leave a review?
    This is always a question that warms my heart. You can email me your review at : I'll happily add it on my website.
  • Do you do hair as well?
    I am a makeup artist. I'm happy to refer you to the most talented hairstylists in Chicago. I team up with hairstylists to bring your whole vision to life.
  • How long is the makeup session?
    Makeup session can last from 45mins to 1h30 depending on the makeup needs
  • Can you come to me?
    Yes, I travel to my clients. A travel fee will apply. In some cases an overnight stay might be required. Feel free to email me to discuss your plans.
  • Can I come to you?
    Yes! I love working at the studio- it's spacious, clean and the lighting is designed to glam. It is located at 110 West Kinzie Street, River North.
  • How long does it takes to get my makeup done for an event.
    It takes about one hour.
  • How much cost an event makeup?
    For pricing, please email me at :
  • How do I book an event makeup?
    By filling up the form on my website or by emailing me at :
  • Do you do engagement, boudoir, maternity, family, headshots, shoots?
    The answer is yes to all the above! I love being a part of each milestones in my clients's lives.
  • Do you do 1:1 makeup lesson?
    Yes! I host my makeup lessons at the studio - the space is designed to glam. The salon is located at 110 West Kinzie Street, River North, Chicago IL.
  • Would you host a master class?
    Yes, I absolutely would host a master class. Please email me to discuss your vision and what you wish to learn from me.
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